HMH is a prominent civil litigation law firm with experience in a broad range of cases involving torts and dispute resolution. Our Utah attorneys are skilled negotiators and work deliberately toward finding the right solution that will help our clients avoid a costly trial.

What Makes HMH Different

Many law firms are focused on transactional law. We are a litigation firm with years of experience representing clients in pre-trial, trial, and post trial matters. We handle litigation in all areas of our practice. We know the litigation process relating to written and implied contracts. Opposing attorneys know it often makes more sense to reach a fair arrangement without a costly trial. When a settlement can’t be reached through alternative dispute resolution (ADR), we are formidable and experienced trial attorneys who fight aggressively to win in court.

We have experience helping our clients obtain settlements and awards in civil litigation cases, such as:

  • Estate Planning & Trusts
  • Property rights disputes
  • Sales and purchase agreements
  • Real estate and construction disputes
  • Personal injury and wrongful death cases
  • Insurance claims
  • Criminal Defense
  • Business partnership disputes
  • Vendor and supplier disputes
  • Homeowners Association disputes
  • Collections
  • Contested will litigation